Monasterio De Tarlac

Monasterio de Tarlac is a popular tourist destination in the province of Tarlac in the Philippines. It is a monastery on top of Mount Resurrection, part of the Zambales Mountain Range in San Jose, one of the municipalities in Tarlac. In the monastery can be found a relic of the True Cross.

Monasterio de Tarlac is located at the Mount Resurrection Eco Park in the barangay of Lubigan. It is surrounded by nature with natural and fresh air coming for the mountain. The Monasterio de Tarlac has 30-foot colossal statue of catholic’s Jesus Christ overseeing the city.

Monasterio De Tarlac
Mt. Resurrection Eco Park, Brgy. Lubigan,
San Jose, Tarlac
Entrance Fee: PHP 50.00
Open Hours: Everyday 7:00AM to 6:00PM